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30 Days To Better Fly Casting, Bear Samples
1 Bear Samples 30 Days To Better Fly Casting
IRENA GROUP 0967173876 / 9780967173870 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $15.00 + shipping 

A guidebook that presents simple, step-by-step instructions to help people learn the basics of casting with a fly rod, & then develop the techniques needed to become a skilled caster. Illus; 6x9 inches, 136 pgs.

'Photos & diagrams are used to illustrate common problems & show field-tested solutions. Introduces the first quantified method of assessing a person's skill level, & charts the specific techniques needed to advance to the next level. Author is a top 10 FFF master fly casting instructor who has spent years helping people overcome casting problems.

"Fellow FFFer Berris Samples has hit a home run with this great book.... After a combined total of more than 50 years experience in fly tying and flyfishing, we thought we had seen it all regarding flycasting books and videos. We were wrong! This great book approaches the subject from the instructor/student perspective, explaining casting problems and their solutions in an easy-to-understand format. This book is a must-have for any flycasting instructor." 'Al & Gretchen Beatty

"We can't think of anyone within the flyfishing community who has more passion, energy and enthusiasm for teaching flycasting than Berris Samples. His text takes the reader through the basic ABCs of flycasting and beyond, touching base on each and every detail. This book should be in the hands of anyone attempting to learn flycasting." 'Barry & Cathy Beck

Berris "Bear" Samples is a master certified casting instructor with over five years experience teaching in affiliation with Sage Rod Company. He has fished around the world, including most of Europe, Canada, Mexico, the U.S. and Christmas Island. In 1991 Samples received the Federation of Fly Fishers Ambassador of the Year award for promoting international conservation and good will. He has written flyfishing articles for magazines in America and Europe, and is a lifetime member of the Federation of Fly Fishers and Trout Unlimited. Samples is pastor of Park City Community Church in Utah and has served 27 years of duty as an Army Reserve chaplain. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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Classic Guide To Fly Fishing For Trout, Charles Jardine
2 Charles Jardine Classic Guide To Fly Fishing For Trout
BANTAM (BDD)/RANDOM HOUSE 0394587197 / 9780394587196 Hardcover BOOK 
Price:  $35.80 + shipping 

An extensive treatment of flyfishing covering every aspect of the sport. Details all the tackle, techniques, and skills of the sport from vintage to modern approaches. With excellent color photos complementing the text throughout, this book is a great reference for all anglers. Color photos, illustrations & charts; 9x11.5 inches, 287 pgs.

'Here is the complete history of angling, as well as a comprehensive guide to every aspect of the sport: advice on tackle and accessories, instructions on casting and fly-tying, tips on locating likely trout spots, and more. Full-color photos 
Price: 35.80 USD
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Fly Fishing Basics, Dave Hughes
3 Dave Hughes Fly Fishing Basics
STACKPOLE BOOKS 0811724395 / 9780811724395 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $15.00 + shipping 

Everything from basic tackle and fly tying techniques to hooking and playing fish in stream, lake and saltwater is covered in this easy-to-read reference. Other topics include rod and reel selection, the well-outfitted angler and basic and advanced casting techniques. 255 how-to drawings; 6x9 inches, 224 pgs.

Price: 15.00 USD
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Cast: Theories And Applications, Ed Jaworowski
4 Ed Jaworowski Cast: Theories And Applications
STACKPOLE BOOKS 0811719170 / 9780811719179 Hardcover BOOK 
Price:  $29.30 + shipping 

Called by Lefty Kreh "the best teacher of fly casting I have ever known, " Ed Jaworowski presents his innovative method designed to help any angler cast more simply and easily. 380 B/w photos, 15 drawings; 8x11 inches, 240 pgs.

Price: 29.30 USD
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Fish On! : A Guide To Playing And Landing Big Fish On A Fly, Floyd N. Franke
5 Floyd N. Franke Fish On! : A Guide To Playing And Landing Big Fish On A Fly
NATIONAL BOOK NETWORK 1586670700 / 9781586670702 Hardcover BOOK 
Price:  $18.90 + shipping 

How to keep the fish on the hook. Outlines the general rules for playing fish, & investigates those variables, often overlooked. Directed at those who fish with a fly rod. 10 B&W drawings; 6x9 inches, 120 pgs.

'Many anglers successfuly hook fish only to lose them after the hook pulls free or the line breaks. The fisherman's first concern is often placing the bait or fly where the fish are feeding, with little thought as the how to land a fish in the happy event that "the big one" is hooked. Landing the Big One outlines the general rules for playing fish, and investigates those variables, often overlooked, that have a direct impact upon your ability to play fish. Such variables include choice of equipment, the conditions under which you fish, and the particular species of fish you hope to catch. Although the book is directed at those who fish with a fly rod, spin fishermen and plug caster will finds the same basic fish-playing principles apply. 
Price: 18.90 USD
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Flyfishing: First Cast To First Fish, Joe Petralia
6 Joe Petralia Flyfishing: First Cast To First Fish
Price:  $17.60 + shipping 

Price: 17.60 USD
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Fly Fishing: A Trailside Guide, John Merwin
7 John Merwin Fly Fishing: A Trailside Guide
W.W. NORTON & COMPANY 0393314766 / 9780393314762 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $15.00 + shipping 

This guide takes the reader by hand and explains all he or she needs to know, from the basics of casting, knot tying, and stream reading to priceless tips on how to find and catch trout, bass, salmon, and saltwater fish on a fly.

'Norton proudly reissues these best-selling guides with fully revised "Sources & Resources" sections (including where to find the Web sites, gear, services, books, clubs, and organizations that make for foolproof outings); updates to reflect the latest in gear technology, wilderness medicine, and first aid; and advances in techniques.

It's a big world out there. Get into it with the Trailside Guides.

Smart, instructive, and beautifully designed, every book in the Trailside Guide series contains the essential information readers need to master outdoor activities and have fun in the process.


Trailside Guides are designed to be used on the trail. Their handy size makes them easy to take along on outdoor adventures.

Trailside Guides show you how it's done. Each book has more than 100 color photographs and dozens of informative, full-color technical illustration you'll refer to again and again.

Each Guide has all the information readerrs need to make informed decisions about what gear is available, and what they should buy.

Tutorials take readers through every aspect of a given outdoor activity. Each Guide covers planning and preparing for a trip, getting in shape, technique, safety, and first-aid tips, and how to have more fun along the way!

Trailside Guides provide information quickly. Every book contains detailed illustrations, information packed sidebars, and a complete index & bibliography.

Any physical activity is more fun when done right. Trailside Guides are written by experts and contain lucid explanations that help the reader quickly achieve proficiency.

More than 400,000 copies sold!
* Tie-in with the hit public television series Trailside: Make Your Own Adventure.
* Sales tag following programming on national public television, Outdoor Life cable channel, and Sports Network, Canada.
* Targeted advertising in outdoor sports magazines.
* Speical backlist promotion with merchandising kit. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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101 Fly Fishing Tips, Lefty Kreh
8 Lefty Kreh 101 Fly Fishing Tips
GLOBE PEQUOT ( THE LYONS PRESS 1585740357 / 9781585740352 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $12.40 + shipping 

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Shares a variety of common sense solutions to the problems that anglers face. Includes: how to pacify a fish, which hook-sharpening tools to use, when & how to take a rod apart when it's stuck, what to do when a fish runs under your boat, how to dry waders & find leaks, & much more. B/w illus; 5x8 inches, 96 pgs.

'Lefty Kreh is one of the most experienced, well-prepared, and thoughtful anglers in the world. In 101 Fly-Fishing Tips, he shares this wealth of experience with a variety of common-sense solutions to the problems that anglers face. Included are tips on:
'how to pacify a fish
'which hook-sharpening tools to use and when
'how to take a rod apart when it's stuck
'what to do when a fish runs under your boat
'how to dry waders and find leaks
'why long hat brims affect casting accuracy
'and much more

Sure to improve a fly fisher's success, comfort, and enjoyment while on the water. A must for any angler.

Lefty Kreh is an internationally known and respected master in the field of fly fishing, and the author of numerous articles and books on the subject. He lives in Maryland. 
Price: 12.40 USD
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Lefty's Little Fly-fishing Tips: 200 Innovative Ideas To Help You Catch Fish, Lefty Kreh
9 Lefty Kreh Lefty's Little Fly-fishing Tips: 200 Innovative Ideas To Help You Catch Fish
GLOBE PEQUOT ( THE LYONS PRESS 1585746290 / 9781585746293 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $12.40 + shipping 

Watch a video

Kreh outdoes himself with dozens of practical tips & observations on how to catch the wiliest fish. How to: use a partner to find fish & cast quickly & accurately; increase your chances of catching a larger fish; simultaneously retrieve a fly & strip line off the reel; save a fly when it's stuck on a log; cast in tight quarters; & much more. Full color; 5x7.5 inches, 144 pgs.

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Tying Stillwater Patterns For Trophy Trout: A Comprehensive Guide To Tying & Fishing Fly Patterns For Stillwater Trout

'Lefty Kreh is arguable the world's best-known fly-fishing expert, and in Lefty's Little Fly-Fishing Tips, he outdoes himself with dozens of crucial pointers that are drawn from decades of outfoxing the wiliest fish. Advanced fly fishers and beginners alike will benefit from the wisdom that comes only from years of experience on the water, as Kreh shows how to:
* Use a partner to find fish and cast quickly and accurately
* Increase your chances of catching a larger fish
* Simultaneously retrieve a fly and strip line off the reel
* Save a fly when it's stuck on a log
* Cast in tight quarters
* And much more

This handsome full-color book is filled with priceless advice, and is a must for any serious angler.

Lefty Kreh
is an internationally known and respected master in the field of fly fishing. He has taught fly-casting and fly-fishing techniques since the 1950s, and has fished in all 50 states, every province in Canada, Iceland, and much of Europe, South America, and the South Pacific. Lefty is the author of such respected fly-fishing classics as L.L. Bean Saltwater Fly-Fishing Handbook, Presenting the Fly, Fly Fishing in Salt Water, Saltwater Fly Patterns, Practical Fishing Knots, Solving Fly-C asting Problems, Saltwater Fly-Casting Techniques, and 101 Fly Fishing Tips. He lives in Maryland. 
Price: 12.40 USD
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The Adaptable Flyfisher, Lou Stevens
10 Lou Stevens The Adaptable Flyfisher
STACKPOLE BOOKS 1840371803 / 9781840371802 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $15.00 + shipping 

Despite the fact that most anglers come to flyfishing via coarse fishing, few make the jump from troutfishing on stillwater to the excitement of flyfishing small streams. Shows you how to adapt your skills to suit every occasion. 44 line drawings; 4 pgs color photos & 5 B&W photos; 6x9 inches, 165 pgs.

'Presents a challenge to both stillwater trout fisherman & coarse anglers alike. The challenge is to learn and develop new and versatile skills - because adaptable anglers can increase both their enjoyment and the quality of their sport. Despite the fact that most anglers come to flyfishing via coarse fishing, few make the jump from troutfishing on stillwater to the excitement of flyfishing small streams. Even fewer make the leap from fishing for trout with fly to taking coarse fish using the same tackle. This superb book will show you how to adapt your skills to suit every occasion.
Price: 15.00 USD
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Essence Of Flycasting, Mel Krieger
11 Mel Krieger Essence Of Flycasting
W.W. NORTON & COMPANY 0881505056 / 9780881505054 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $16.30 + shipping 

Watch a video

Mel is a gifted teacher and a skilled caster. In this book he'll stand beside you and guide you through the basics, work with you on more advanced skills or help eliminate problem areas. Excellent photo sequences demonstrate the techniques. 125 B/w photos, 26 illus; 8x11 inches, 144 pgs.

'The Essence of Flycasting is teaching at its best.

Beginning with the fundamental mechanics of a flycast, the elements of good form, flyfishing tackle and flyfishing situations, this comprehensive reference work takes the reader through the roll cast, basic cast, line handling, the double haul, distance casting and the other techniques essential to competent flyfishing.

Beautiful photographs by Ben Blackwell, and graphic drawings illustrating every move described in the text make this book equally at home on the coffee table or on the ground beside the caster.

"In this book, Mel Krieger has found the best way ever to translate flycasting instruction into print. ...if you are just starting flyfishing or have worn out many lines, you will better understand this marvelous activity after reading The Essence of Flycasting." --Steve Rajeff, Casting World Champion,(Former Student)

"The book The Essence of Flycasting is one of those bright nuggets you unearth from time to time, and woe to you if you pass it by." --Jerry Gibbs, Fishing Editor, Outdoor Life
Price: 16.30 USD
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Fly Fishing For Dummies, Peter Kaminsky
12 Peter Kaminsky Fly Fishing For Dummies
HUNGRY MINDS (IDG) 076455073X / 9780764550737 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $16.30 + shipping 

A real catch for novice fly fishermen with expert advice on casting techniques & fly fishing do's & don'ts. Includes special tips for freshwater & saltwater fishing.

'Neophytes get tips for picking the right rods, reels, and other equipment;plus ways to keep safety a priority. Covers the most common flyfishing casts, plus how to catch freshwater fish like trout and pike, saltwater fish like bass and tarpon, and big-game fish like marlin and tuna. Illustrations; 7x9 inches, 384 pgs. 
Price: 16.30 USD
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40 Best Trout Flies, Robert H. Alley
13 Robert H. Alley 40 Best Trout Flies
FRANK AMATO PUBLISHING 1571880844 / 9781571880840 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $7.20 + shipping 

40 most productive flies. General info about the pattern, fishing techniques for each fly, rod weight recommendations and an easy-to-reference chart. Color fly plates; 5x8 inches, 68 pgs.

'Alley shares the 40 most productive flies used for trout, including nymphs, streamers/bucktails, wets and dries. General information about the pattern, the best fishing techniques for each fly, rod weight recommendations and an easy-to-reference chart are included. 
Price: 7.20 USD
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Curtis Creek Manifesto, Sheridan Anderson
14 Sheridan Anderson Curtis Creek Manifesto
FRANK AMATO PUBLISHING 0936608064 / 9780936608068 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $8.50 + shipping 

An excellent guide for beginning fly fishermen, with a simple, straight-forward approach. Written with a healthy dose of humor, and filled with hundreds of illustrations.

'Finest beginner fly-fishing guide due to its simple, straightforward approach. It is laced with outstanding humor provided in its hundreds of illustrations. All the practical information you need to know is presented in an extremely delightful way such as rod, reel, fly line and fly selection, casting, reading water, insect knowledge to determine which fly pattern to use, striking and playing fish, leaders and knot tying, fly tying, rod repairs, and many helpful tips. A great, easy-to-understand book. 
Price: 8.50 USD
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12 Basic Skills Of Fly Fishing, Ted Peck & Ed Rychkun
15 Ted Peck & Ed Rychkun 12 Basic Skills Of Fly Fishing
HANCOCK HOUSE PUB. LTD. 088839392X / 9780888393920 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $5.90 + shipping 

Table of Contents


Cuts through the mystique and complexity surrounding fly fishing by teaching the twelve basic skills needed to understand and enjoy the sport. 38 pgs.

'Long before there existed the town of Whistler, the Sea to Sky Highway, or the BC Rail line from North Vancouver to Prince George and beyond, there was Alta Lake. More specifically there was Rainbow Lodge, located on the northwest shore of Alta Lake. The only modes of transportation in those days were the Union Steamship company and the PGE Railway, allowing travel by sea from Vancouver, up Howe Sound to Squamish dock, then by rail between Squamish dock and Quesnel.

It was by the above travel methods, beginning in 1938, that my granddad treated me every spring to a four-day visit to Rainbow Lodge. It was here that he introduced me to the fascinating world of trout fishing. The lodge was owned and operated by Alec and Myrtle Philip, as capable, as well as hospitable, a couple as I ever met.

In the spring of 1940, Mrs. Philip took me under her wing and, in the space of less than two days, taught me to fly fish. On a T-shaped float near what she termed her trout nursery she had me casting among the lily pads with a Royal Coachman fly. In short order she taught me not only to cast, but also how to hook, play and release trout. The lessons stand out in my memory because, on that occasion, one of my 6-10 inch rainbows wound itself around a lily pad stem. Suddenly, swiftly and silently, a grayish green, huge fish lunged from the deep water onto the shoal and, before my very eyes, ate my trout with one gulp!

With Mrs. Philip's instruction and the aid of a long-handled landing net hastily fetched from the nearby horse barn, I was able to land an eleven-pound Dolly Varden char before my eleventh birthday. From that spring day fifty-five years ago, I was hooked on fly fishing.

During my teen years, fly fishing took a back burner position to other angling pursuits. By 1945, salmon fishing, in all its forms, occupied 50 percent of my fishing time. Steelhead trout float fishing also captured me. A retired dentist today, but then a keen and knowledgeable steelheader, introduced me to the many arts and skills of how to outwit the wiliest of the sea-run trout of B.C. His name is David Leonard McNair. That summer of 1945, while working as a field assistant for the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on the Bulkley River at Moricetown, and thanks to Dave's teachings, I landed a 29 lb. 14 oz. Steelhead.

As I entered UBC in 1946, fly fishing emerged again, consisting of forays to local beaches, streams, lakes and sloughs. The spreading knowledge of what a wrapping of feathers, fur, tinsel, hair and thread around a hook can create still impresses me. Artificial flies imitating full-grown insects illustrated by books and magazines are only one-fifth of the types of food consumed by trout and other game fish. A few examples of a more complete diet would include shrimps, both fresh and salt water varieties, immature insects, worms, salmon roe, single eggs, small fish, leeches, and even small frogs, mice and voles.

During both the summers of 1948 and 1949, my fly fishing abilities were again called upon by a fishing lodge northeast of Kamloops where I was employed as a guide. It was here that I taught many well-heeled Californians and in doing so developed what I call, for want of a better name, the 12 basic skills of fly fishing. 
Price: 5.90 USD
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The Complete Book Of Fly Fishing, Tom McNally
16 Tom McNally The Complete Book Of Fly Fishing
MCGRAW HILL/RAGGED MTN PRESS 0070456380 / 9780070456389 Paperback BOOK 
Price:  $15.00 + shipping 

With years of experience as his background, McNally guides the reader through the many possibilities, techniques and skills of the sport, all the while describing, explaining and teaching what it's all about. 300 B/w photos & illustrations; 7.5x9.5 inches, 354 pgs.

'Here is the ultimate book on every aspect of this fishing art form. McNally's pithy prose is enhanced with step-by-step illustrations from noted artist/angler Tom Beecham.


". . .although I am usually skeptical of `everything books,' the McNally volume actually seems to be one of the best-thought-out basic texts I've seen for a while--for a reasonable price at that--covering everything from trout to pike to sailfish." --Fly Rod & Reel

"To say any single book about a subject so diverse as fly fishing is 'complete' is tall talk, but this one delivers." --Flyfisher

"McNally's writing is disciplined, but smooth. The reader doesn't even realize that he or she is being tutored as well a entertained." --New York Newsday


'About Fly Fishing.
'Fly Rods.
'Fly Reels.
'Fly Lines.
'Leader Design and Construction.
'Popular Fly-Fishing Knots.
'Fly-Casting Basics.
'Advanced Fly Casting.
'Gear for the Fly Fisherman.
'Trout-Fishing Flies.
'Special Flies and Bugs.
'How to Tie Flies.
'Wet-Fly Fishing.
'Dry-Fly Fishing for Trout.
'Nymph Fishing for Trout.
'Streamer Fishing for Trout.
'Hooking, Playing, and Landing Fish with a Fly Rod.
'On the Stream.
'Techniques for Low-Water Trout.
'Fishing Bass Bugs.
'Spinners and Porkrind for Bass.
'Streamers and Nymphs for Bass.
'Dry Flies for Stream Smallmouths.
'Fly Fishing for Northern Pike.
'Panfish on Flies and Bugs.
'Lake Fly Fishing.
'Fly Fishing Salt Water, Inshore.
'Fly Fishing Salt Water, Offshore.
'Special Fish Species. 
Price: 15.00 USD
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